Greece: Our Present Is Your Future

Free/Donations. Vegan meal provided.Greece is a place where the growing resistance to austerity in the UK and beyond looks for inspiration. In response to massive EU-induced cuts, police violence and widespread government corruption, people there have risen up and created a movement for change in their workplaces, communities and on the streets.What can we learn from this in the UK? The inspirational video activist group Reel News from London will be holding an evening to examine this, with short films, debate, discussion and up-to-date stories from the Greek frontline. It will look at the emergence of rank and file organisation in the trade unions, the neighbourhood committees in the communities, the doctors’ strikes and hospital occupations, the potato movement, the alanya movement centred around refusal to pay tolls and much more!

This evening is open to anyone serious about building the struggle against austerity and moving it forward beyond the “usual suspects” of activists and trade unionists etc.

More on Reel News here:

Red and Black Umbrella, 53 – 57 Clifton Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff CF24 1LS

Usual Suspects + 51st State + Not Since The Accident

This gig is going on Friday at the Red and Black Umbrella - Cardiff's very own anarchist social centre!

This gig is going on Friday at the Red and Black Umbrella – Cardiff’s very own anarchist social centre!

Mayday! Picnic! Workfare Picket! A-Hole Launched!

South Wales Anarchists with support from other groups around the country held an anarchist picnic in Cardiff city centre on Tuesday May 1st 2012. There was free food from Food Not Bombs, free info, entertainment and lots of interaction with bemused passers-by!

A picket of Primark and Poundland was also held. These are two high street retailers who are involved in the Workfare slave labour scheme. Security and the cops were not amused, but many shoppers were disgusted at the scheme when they found out about it. You can find out more about Workfare nationally, including who is involved and what you can do about it, by clicking here.

Mayday rallies were held all over the world to celebrate workers’ day and the spring. They were also to remind people how far we need to go in getting social and economic justice.

UPDATE: you can read more about Mayday events around the country at Libcom’s Mayday round-up here.

What is more, the A-hole, SWA’s new web portal, was launched. We hope you enjoy it! Please get in touch if you want to include anything.

The A Hole Launch at Cardiff MayDay Anarchist Picnic

South Wales Anarchists will be launching The A Hole on Tuesday, 1st May at the Cardiff MayDay Anarchist Picnic.
If you’re in the area, come and join us! We’re meeting at 4pm by the Nye Bevan statue. Food Not Bombs Cardiff will be there, though feel free to bring a plate of wholesome goodies, too! We’ll also have stalls, music and hopefully lots of friendly engagement with shoppers and workers.
We’ll inevitably be moving onto the pub from around 6pm for more music and an Anarcho-esque Open Mic. Location to be confirmed.
We’ll also be making our presence known at a counter-protest against the SPUC’s (Society for Unborn Children) kerbside vigil on Saturday 28th April in Cardiff, and our next SWA meeting is at 7pm on Monday 7th May.
We’re looking for informative Welsh anarcho links as well as UK/Ireland wide ones to add to the site (next stop the world, right?), so please contact us with suggestions!