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Greece: Our Present Is Your Future

Free/Donations. Vegan meal provided.Greece is a place where the growing resistance to austerity in the UK and beyond looks for inspiration. In response to massive EU-induced cuts, police violence and widespread government corruption, people there have risen up and created a movement for change in their workplaces, communities and on the streets.What can we learn from this in the UK? The inspirational video activist group Reel News from London will be holding an evening to examine this, with short films, debate, discussion and up-to-date stories from the Greek frontline. It will look at the emergence of rank and file organisation in the trade unions, the neighbourhood committees in the communities, the doctors’ strikes and hospital occupations, the potato movement, the alanya movement centred around refusal to pay tolls and much more!

This evening is open to anyone serious about building the struggle against austerity and moving it forward beyond the “usual suspects” of activists and trade unionists etc.

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Red and Black Umbrella, 53 – 57 Clifton Street, Adamsdown, Cardiff CF24 1LS