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Mayday! Picnic! Workfare Picket! A-Hole Launched!

South Wales Anarchists with support from other groups around the country held an anarchist picnic in Cardiff city centre on Tuesday May 1st 2012. There was free food from Food Not Bombs, free info, entertainment and lots of interaction with bemused passers-by!

A picket of Primark and Poundland was also held. These are two high street retailers who are involved in the Workfare slave labour scheme. Security and the cops were not amused, but many shoppers were disgusted at the scheme when they found out about it. You can find out more about Workfare nationally, including who is involved and what you can do about it, by clicking here.

Mayday rallies were held all over the world to celebrate workers’ day and the spring. They were also to remind people how far we need to go in getting social and economic justice.

UPDATE: you can read more about Mayday events around the country at Libcom’s Mayday round-up here.

What is more, the A-hole, SWA’s new web portal, was launched. We hope you enjoy it! Please get in touch if you want to include anything.